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Business Insurance

A-Plan Insurance Ltd - Business Insurance

Safeguarding against risk

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hat distinguishes A-Plan from the many other insurance providers offering cover to businesses is their tactile, personal touch. Unlike the call centres and price comparison websites that make up the majority of their competitors, A-Plan trade in face-to-face meetings and genuine human contact. They have been providing this extra-personal service for over 50 years, they currently have a customer base of half a million clients while boasting 65 High Street branches in 16 countries. Their industrial scope is gigantic, and their ambition of comparable proportions.

  • Motor trade
  • Fleet
  • Haulage
  • Courier
  • Taxi
  • Goods in transit

  • Shop
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Pub & nightclub
  • Homeworkers'
  • Landlords'
  • Buildings & contents
  • Rent guarantee
  • Block of flats
  • Holiday home
  • Commercial property


  • Builders'
  • Liability
  • Factory
  • Personal accident
  • Window cleaning
  • Professional indemnity
  • Contractors'
  • Engineering
  • Tools'

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