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WorldPay : Epos systems and many more merchant services


WorldPay has grown into one of the world’s biggest payment solutions provider. After a complex history, heavily linked with its British acquiring banks, WorldPay is now a fully independent provider covering the full scope of Epos operations, from payment processing to consulting, and fully integrated WorldPay Epos systems.

 WorldPay Epos systems

About WorldPay

The story of WorldPay is heavily linked with that of its partners acquiring banks - which more than once ended up... acquiring WorldPay - and with the story of Streamline. WorldPay is now a fully independent payment services provider, supplying the whole Epos value chain.

A pioneer in modern merchant services

In the beginning WorldPay was Streamline. Created in 1989 as an electronic payment provider, Streamline became known for several major innovations in the industry, such as the first global loyalty scheme programme with credit card issuers: the Global Airline programme with Visa and MasterCard. In 1994, WoldPay processed the first online shop in the UK.

WorldPay was briefly owned by National Westminster Bank, until this bank was in turn taken over by the Royal Bank of Scotland, which made several international acquisitions in the payment processing industry to put them all under WorldPay’s umbrella and significantly expand the scope of WorldPay’s operations. RBS was forced to sell most of its shares in WorldPay in 2009.

Now totally independent

RBS kept a minority share in WordPay until 2013. Now the company is totally independent and covers the whole scope of Epos operations, including:

- support for online transactions;

- support for in-store transactions;

- support of over-the-phone payments;

- development of WorldPay-branded PDQ machines;

- loyalty card programs;

- gift card programs;

- ATM processing services;

- and last but not least,  development of WorldPay Epos systems.


WorldPay Epos equipment: a fully integrated system and a nifty card reader

WorldPay is one of the few payment services provider which came up the Epos value chain by developing its own Epos systems. Notable WorldPay systems now include the WorldPay cas register systems and the innovative WorldPay Zinc mobile card payment processing system.

WorldPay Epos systems

Integrated WorldPay Epos systems are in fact integrated cash register systems.
They are compatible with most payment equipment and systems. For over-the-phone payments, WorldPay provides the WorldPay virtual terminal, which accepts cardholder-not-present transactions.

WorldPay Zinc, the mobile card reader solution

WorldPay Zinc is an even more interesting WorldPay Epos system.
This card reader, which accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, connects wirelessly to the WorldPay Epos software installed on the user’s smartphone or tablet and is barely bigger than the credit card it supports. It can be used anywhere the smartphone catches a signal. Also, at only £70, it is a very affordable option compared to traditional handheld chip-and-pin machines.


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