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Barclays factoring


Barclays, a bank every single British person probably knows, also provides factoring services. Barclays factoring takes advantage of the bank’s long history of commercial and business banking, but also of full coverage of the banking services spectrum to individuals and business alike.

Barclays factoring

Services and areas of expertise of Barclays factoring

While many banks prefer to group all their receivables finance products under the umbrella-term of “invoice finance”, Barclays chose to call its service “Barclays factoring”. But here again, many more services than simple factoring are concerned.

Barclays, factoring...

With Barclays businesses can:

- Receive cash against outstanding invoices as soon as the next working day after they have been submitted;

- For up to 85% of the submitted invoice value;

- In multiple currencies;

- Transfer sales ledger and credit management to the bank;

- Rely on Barclays’s debt recovery litigation services.


Besides traditional factoring, confidential invoice discounting and overdraft facilities are also available.

Note than Barclays makes it clear that Barclays factoring is restricted to businesses forecasting sales of at least £100,000 per year, selling goods or services on normal credit terms with no stage payments.

... and more business banking products.

Barclays provides a wealth of other business banking products, including:

- asset finance,

- corporate lending,

- access to debt capital markets,

- supplier finance, including reverse factoring,

- trade finance, including export finance.

... with specific expertise in multiple industries

Barclays stresses that one of the main advantages of its Barclays factoring offering is the bank’s detailed knowledge of various industry sectors, including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, recruitment, transportations, b2b services...


Background and key figures

Barclays factoring is deeply integrated within Barclays, one of the oldest British banking institutions, which is now performing strongly on a global scale.

Barclays factoring, part of the tercentennial Barclays banking empire...

Barclays is the oldest financial services firm of its size, if not the oldest at all, with its roots going as far back as 1690, when John Freame started a business. John Freame was a Quaker and even today, the bank still mentions this heritage as part of its value. It was John’s son in law, James Barclay, who gave the bank his name in 1736.

Today, Barclays invoice finance is directly managed by Baihas Baghdadi, Managing Director, Head of Trade and Working Capital, who reports to Kevin Wall Chairman, UK Corporate Banking and Vice Chairman Investment Banking, and then to John Winter, Chief Executive Officer.

... one of the biggest global players in the market.

The bank published the following relevant figures:

- 132,300 employees,

- 4,750 branches in 50 countries,

- of which 1,600 in the United Kingdom,

- £1,237bn of assets

- £220bn of loans to personal and corporate banking customers, of which

- £69bn corporates.


Together with Santander invoice finance, HSBC invoice finance and RBS invoice finance, Barclays factoring is one of the few factoring services in the UK which can rely on a nation-wide network of branches and banking professionals familiar with any specific business industry. Additionally, Barclays was awarded the UK Asset Based Lender of the Year 2012 in the Acquisition International Magazine M&A Awards.


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