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Vehicle Tracking

FleetMatics Ltd - Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicles for better efficiency

he Fleetmatics GPS vehicle tracking system is helping thousands of fleet owners to drive down operating costs and increase earnings. By simply fitting a vehicle tracking device and using the internet based fleet tracking system, fleet owners experience a dramatic increase in productivity, substantial fuel savings and greatly reduced operating expenses. Fleet tracking is a valuable management tool that also provides a noticeable competitive edge enabling users to respond to their customer needs faster by deploying vehicles more efficiently.

Fleet Benefits
Increased productivity
Reduce vehicle down time and pick up more jobs in a day.
Reduced overtime costs
Accurately track hours worked and eliminate false timesheet claims.
Faster response times
Deploy vehicles quickly and efficiently with FleetMatics Nearest Vehicle Locator.
Lower fuel costs
Reduce vehicle mileage through more efficient routing.
Increased security
Have peace of mind that your vehicles are monitored 24/7.
Reduced private use
Be alerted the instant a vehicle moves outside of working hours.

Dashboard Fleetmatics vehicle tracking Fleet Summary Dashboard (click to enlarge)

Marshall's vehicle trackingIn our first year with FleetMatics, we have saved ?36,500 in operational costs through improved efficiencies. Our payroll is accurate as precise start and finish times are recorded, our productivity has increased due to the elimination of unnecessary phone calls and our fuel costs have decreased through improved routing procedures
Brian Simpson, Director of Marshall's

Highlighted System Features
Live Fleet Track
View vehicle locations, status, and speed in real-time from any internet connection.
Route Replay
Live playback of vehicle journeys for single or multiple vehicles. Provide absolute proof of service for customers.
Key Management Reporting Suite
Over 20 reports to accurately measure and monitor fleet activity. Eliminate manual timesheets, save office time, and cut costs.
Access entire fleet performance in one screen. Easily compare individual performance against peers.
Receive instant notification of any unwanted vehicle behaviour delivered to any e-mail enabled device.
Fleet Service Alerts
Manage all your vehicle maintenance needs in one place.


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