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All about Companeo

Why become a Companeo Agreed Supplier

  • Increase your sales in the SME sector
  • Acquire new customers regularly throughout the year
  • Assist your sales force in its prospection for new customers
  • Develop your distribution network
  • Monitor and save money on your customer acquisition programs

Do you want to become a Companeo Agreed Supplier?

Join our Agreed Suppliers program

Become an Agreed Supplier

More than 1,000 suppliers already use Companeo throughout Europe to get in relation with business decision makers:

A targeted prospection

You are put in relation directly with decision makers that match YOUR selection criteria: budget, profile, geographical coverage, etc...

Quality of requests

Requests for quotes are filtered and qualified twice (contact details, purchasing need, budget) by our customer service before being transmitted to you.

A commercial platform

Our Companeo Experts are trained on your offer, your brand, your values. They can therefore answer your prospects' requests accurately.

Optimised costs

With Companeo, you cut down your prospection costs:

  • You benefit from a B2B marketing expertise on all media (web, emailing, faxing, call centre,...) that lets you realize up to 300% savings compared to traditional direct marketing approaches.
  • You benefit from a standardization of the marketing costs for all Companeo Agreed Suppliers. Thanks to Companeo's unique position and efficiency, you benefit from the same marketing force as a big account.
  • You can monitor your investment with Companeo, with a budget proportional to your results.

A renowned Brand
With Companeo, you benefit from a renowned brand that helps you increase your popularity in the SME sector.