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Frequently Asked Questions!

Your requests are free and with no obligation. Therefore, you are not charged anything to find suppliers with Companeo.

  • Can I contact the Suppliers I'm interested in directly?

    YES. The suppliers' contact details are sent to you via email after validation of your request for quotes / information. You are free to contact the ones you want directly.

  • Do I have an obligation to sign with one of the Suppliers I have selected?

    NO. As soon as you have received your quotes from the Companeo Agreed Suppliers, you are completely free to accept their offer or not. You choose the supplier adapted to your needs in all freedom.

  • Are all requests for quotes accepted?

    NO. To start with, Companeo is for SME decision makers, self-employed professionals, retailers, associations, joint production committees and local communities residing in the UK only.
    In addition, Companeo is bound to verify the validity of each request for quotes / information on behalf of the suppliers. That's why Companeo may have to refuse some requests. Whatever our decision, we keep you informed instantly by email.

  • Can I cancel or modify a request for quote?

    Absolutely. You can change your mind at any time. We would just be grateful if you let us know as soon as possible. In that case please contact our team of experts on 0808 168 8945 in order for us to inform the suppliers immediately.

  • How does Companeo make money?

    Companeo is a company 100% self-reliant from its suppliers. Companeo is remunerated by the Suppliers they have selected for connecting them to potential customers. This remuneration is linked to communication actions Companeo conducts on its users.
    This is a guarantee to Companeo users of total independence in the selection of our suppliers.