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Find the right Suppliers !

Companeo offers 3 ways to find the right supplier for your activity:

Companeo's team of experts on 0808 168 8945.

  • Thanks to them, you can precisely identify the type of offer that matches your exact requirements in a few minutes and easily define your specifications (budget, planning, requirements, ...).
  • They know every product or service and their associated Agreed Supplier.
  • Confronted to business decision makers' requests every day, Companeo's experts are specialized in finding the right suppliers.
  • They all have years of experience in the SME sector and have been trained on every offer available on the Companeo website.
  • Companeo service of experts is without a doubt the easiest and fastest solution to find the right Suppliers.

You are offered 4 ways free of charge to find suppliers matching your requirements on

  • Our website architecture found under the tab " All our products and services "
  • Our internal search engine on . Just type in one or several keywords and find the suppliers' categories corresponding, sorted by order of relevance.
  • Our "Checklists to...". These checklists give you a collection of subjects you need to consider to finalize a project (organize a direct mail campaign, reduce your overheads, improve your finances,...).
  • Our " Buying Guides ". These guides help you understand a topic better and guide you towards the right suppliers according to your requirements.

Once in the suppliers' category you are interested in, all you have to do is:

  • Specify your needs, constraints, requirements,...
  • Select the Companeo Agreed Suppliers matching your criteria in the list given.
  • Fill in your professional contact details.
  • Confirm your request for quotes / information and receive by email immediately and free of charge the contact details of the selected Companeo Agreed Suppliers.

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