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All about Companeo

Simple, Fast and Free!

Companeo offers you 3 ways to find the right suppliers for your activity:

  • A website
  • A free expert service on 0808 168 8945
  • Companeo newsletter. Sign up now!

To send a request for quotes / information, 3 means are available to you:

  • Internet on
  • Free phone number 0808 168 8945
  • Fax number 0207 953 9882

Receive quotes, information and contact details from Supppliers.

  • As soon as your request for quotes / information has been received, verified and validated by our team of Companeo Experts, you are sent an email with the contact details of the Companeo Agreed Suppliers who will reply to your requests within 48H.
  • The Companeo Agreed Suppliers who received the request for quotes / information with your contact details will then get back to you within 48H with a quote, a proposal or try to qualify your request further and ask you more questions to match your exact requirements.
  • It is therefore crucial that you give us a correct email address to receive this information. You can modify the email address you gave us under " Your account " if needed.

Complete your search for suppliers

  • Once you have all the elements (quotes, information, terms & conditions, ...) or have met the suppliers, you can take your decision freely.
  • You can decide to postpone your project, cancel it, order from another supplier you already know, or just sign with the Companeo Agreed Supplier. Whatever your decision we won't charge you anything.

View all your requests for quotes under " Your account "

  • Once you have registered on, you have access to your own secured web space "Your account".
  • You can view all your pending or past requests for quotes in this space.
  • You can also view all contact details of the Suppliers who replied to you or update your own contact details.
  • This information saves you time on your next visit as you won't have to fill in those details again.