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External accountant for tax filings?

Question asked by Lawrence

My company handled our 2013 tax filings inhouse and we had a lot of trouble. I would like to hire an external accountant to handle our 2014 taxes. How do I go about choosing a proper accountant?

response from John Englund

Not all small businesses can afford to dedicate inhouse resources to managing tax filings. For those companies it does make sense to hire a professional accountant, someone who knows all there is to know about deadlines, which documents need to be filed and what can be done in particular businesses to save money. You may wish to consider using an outsourced accounting service to handle the other financial aspects of your business as well. This can be done relatively cheaply, or at least for less than it would cost your business to keep an adequately trained accounting professional on staff. Consider hiring an Application Service Provider (ASP), which can offer bookkeeping, credit control, payroll processing and other accounting services for a relatively small monthly fee. 

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