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Question asked by Aiden O'Reilly

In the 2013 tax year, I did not earn over £10,000 so I believe I was entitled a tax return to all the tax that I had paid on my wages (unsure if true). I sent my tax return and got all the money back, however now I am receiving letters saying that I owe them over £1,300. I am right in saying that I am entitled to the tax return in full and how would I go about appealing to HMRC?

response from Dalila Boinay

Hi Aiden,

It all depends on your tax code. The amount of tax that HMRC takes from your salary is determined by your tax code. Based on the number of P800 Tax Calculations issued by HMRC for 2012/13, approximately 1 in 6 employees had an incorrect tax code.  It is therefore important to know how to check your tax code and understand what it means so you can quickly spot any errors and prevent an unexpected tax bill from landing on your doormat.

Hope this helps.


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