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Upgrade air conditioning system?

Question asked by Samir

I’ve heard about the ban on R22 in air conditioning systems. How can I learn if this will affect the air con system installed in my business premises?

response from John Englund

You should check with your current air conditioning system provider if you don’t already know the details of your system. If you’ve only recently installed it then chances are it will be easy to upgrade in a way that brings you into compliance before the end of this year. The cost of such an upgrade will of course depend on what you’ve got in place as well as the size, age and configuration of your equipment. For the time being you can create a migration plan to retrofit your HCFC/R22 AC systems using recycled R22 gas to maintain your equipment until end of December 2014. It may also be a good time to switch to a new system which will have already taken the new regulation into consideration. Ask air conditioning suppliers for quotes based on your space and needs. You may be able to take advantage of the transition to move to a more efficient system which will be more cost effective in the long run.

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