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How can CCTV protect your business?

A professional CCTV system can protect your business in numerous ways.

A CCTV system is more than just a set of eyes on your premises. Such a system protects your business in many ways:

- Deterrence: It’s a proven tool against crimes from petty theft to vandalism and burglary.


- Detection: If a crime has occurred, CCTV footage can be used to identify the perpetrator. This also provides legal evidence of the wrongdoing to be used for prosecution. Speak to your local police department for guidance on how to place and store CCTV footage in order to maximise effectiveness.


- Monitoring: CCTV security systems for business are an efficient tool for monitoring and managing employees and for keeping an eye on customers. For some businesses working under licenses (alcohol, gambling etc.) CCTV may well be a prerequisite for meeting public safety legislation.


- Protection: Protect staff from threatening behavior or attack, which is especially important for businesses that provide a service to members of the public.


- Indemnity: Reduce fraudulent claims, for example over health and safety risks on site if an accident has occurred.

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