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How long to install alarm system?

Question asked by Bernadette

How long does it take to install a business alarm system? Do I need to be present throughout the entire installation time?

response from John Englund

Typically your business alarm system provider will prearrange a time for your system installation.  Wireless installations will take less time than hard-wired installations.  The complexity of the system will determine to a large extent the installation time, but the average hard-wired system will take 6-8 hours.  An average wireless system installation takes 2-4 hours.  You do not necessarily need to be there the whole time. If your system includes CCTV components it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.  It all depends on how many cameras are involved, how you plan to view and use the recorded images, the type of building you’re in and whether or not your site is under construction. Business alarm system installers know their work so you don’t necessarily need to be present during the installation. You do need to be present at the start and at the end of the installation however. 

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