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Comprehensive business insurance?

Question asked by Allison

What is covered by "comprehensive business insurance"?

response from John Englund

The term “comprehensive business insurance” refers to a set of the most common types of insurance that protect businesses against a variety of potential liabilities. Comprehensive insurance includes employers’ liability, public liability, product liability, and commercial property insurance; it may also include motor insurance for fleet operators as well as coverage against loss of profit and income due to theft or fire, as well as goods in transit or business contents insurance. Of course not all companies will need all of these types of insurance. Since each business is different, each business insurance policy will need to be tailored to cover its particularities. If you want to learn more about what types of insurance you should (or must) have for your business you should begin by asking for quotes from business insurance providers. Compare offers side by side and you’ll see which proposal is best for your business, and your budget!

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