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All-in-one office machines

Multifunction devices combine faxing, scanning, printing and photocopying –four of the most useful functions in a typical office.

Small business owners cannot always afford separate fax, scanner, printer and copier machines. Even if they could, they may not have enough space to house all these devices. The solution is found in themultifunction device which can handle faxing, scanning, printing and photocopying. They are the perfect tool for any business: efficient, affordable and small enough to take up the same amount of space as a single printer or photocopier.

Multifunction devices do it all

A broad range of multifunction devices are available to handle the document production and management needs of companies both large and small. Many multifunction devices offer the basic four tools of fax, scanner, printer and copier, and others also offer wireless Internet capabilities as well as the capability to send and receive emails.

Multifunction devices come in different price ranges as well, with the more complex machines being more expensive. It is possible to get a small, desktop multifunction device or a free-standing model which can hold huge amounts of ink and paper for frequent use.

Investing in a single machine to manage all your fax, scanner, printer and photocopier needs is a wise choice as it allows your employees to carry out paperwork duties with speed and efficiency all in one convenient place.

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