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3D printers for manufacturing?

Question asked by Donald

I run a small dental tools supply business and I’ve heard noises about all the practical applications of 3D printers. How could that be useful for me?

response from John Englund

3D printers are becoming increasingly “mainstream” due primarily to falling costs which have brought them within the budget range of small businesses and private consumers. Also known as “additive manufacturing,”  3D printers work by adding extremely fine layers of a material on top of one another from a digital model to produce a three-dimensional object. The layers are attached to one another by a resin, and with some highly specialised printers the layers are bonded together using lasers. Printing objects in 3D can be done using inexpensive raw materials such as wood, rubber, metal or plastics. 3D printers have several practical applications including the manufacture of parts and components for vehicles, replacement parts for the human body (including teeth) and even handguns! Check with major printer suppliers and ask for price quotes for 3D models to see which might be best for your business.

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