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Long-lasting office printer?

Question asked by Julius

If I had to choose between a laser and an inkjet printer for my business, which one would last longer?

response from John Englund

Modern inkjet and laser printers are both equipped to handle a heavy workload. But laser printers are designed to handle high-volume printing easily and are therefore perhaps a better bet for a busy office. Medium-range laser printers come with input trays that can hold up to 1,500 sheets of paper and many models offer dual or extra-cost trays. As with inkjets, automatic duplexing is a useful feature to have. Even though laser printers have more moving parts and are prone to breakdowns, inkjet printing heads wear out faster and the quality of their output tends to diminish over time. Replacing worn out parts on a laser printer is more expensive but also much simpler. In addition you can boost the useful lifespan of both laser and inkjet printers by using correct consumables and undertaking regular maintenance procedures. 

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