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Question asked by Magdalena Sitkowska


I'm changing structure of my business (beauty salon providing beauty services and retailing home care) from LTD to a sole trader. I've got a merchant account linked to a business bank account which will be closed. Can sole traders have a merchant account? Can I still take payments the way I do (I'm using transax merchant services) but into non-business bank account? What else have you got to offer in regards to taking payments at the salon for services? Is iZettle system good do you think? I'm obviously looking for a budget friendly solution. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Magdalena.

response from Dalila Boinay

Hi Magdalena,

Thank you for your message.  Please rest assured, a sole trader can still apply for a merchant account and a card terminal to process card transactions. Do not hesitate to fill out our quick form so you compare free quotes. 

Kind regards,

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