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    • Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Ltd

      Agreed Supplier since 2007

      Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Ltd

      M32 8af Manchester

      National coverage. Main Offices in Manchester, Banbury & Southampton....
      • LLOYDS COMMERCIAL FINANCE - Factoring or Invoice Discounting

        LLOYDS COMMERCIAL FINANCE - Factoring or Invoice Discounting

        With advances up to 97%, invoice finance will give business owners the flexibility to sustain the company growth. The cost of such cash advance can vary from 0.5% to 2.5% depending on the type of service required. This is normally less than bank overdraft rates. Interest is charged only on the amount of advance outstanding on a day-to-day basis in arrears, just as in an ordinary bank account.


      Agreed Supplier since 2016


      GU14UP Gilford

      • Amicus Commercial Finance Limited - Factoring or Invoice Discounting

        Welcome to Amicus Commercial Finance. Flexible Funding For All Businesses. Why wait to be paid? Accounts receivable factoring turns your unpaid invoices into same day cash. Factoring is a fast and easy way to streamline your cash flow. Amicus Commercial Finance is dedicated to helping your business secure the funding you need to grow and prosper. Amicus Commercial Finance specialises in funding companies through invoice financing who sell goods or provide services in a wide variety of industries: -Staffing -Transportation -Manufacturing -Telecommunications -Technology -Small Business -Construction -Oil and Gas -Healthcare -Government -Service Providers