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Restrictions to enter factoring arrangement

Question asked by Sujamol J

Whether there is any restriction for a Banking company to enter into Factoring?

response from Dalila Boinay

Hi Sujamol,

One of the most important criteria for Invoice Finance is B2B trading (trading with other businesses rather than an end user) and that invoices raised for goods or services need to be for a reasonable amount. Typically a minimum turnover of £100,000 is also required (although some factors will consider smaller businesses or start-ups). Other requirements usually include being able to prove that debts can be collected within a practical timescale, a minimum or maximum amount of invoices a month and credit terms that meet industry guidelines. Although Invoice Finance cannot apply to the Banking Sector and if you have problems with clients not paying their loan, etc..., you could opt for a credit insurance. Credit Insurance provides protection against default by both corporate and government borrowers on their obligations under trade, non-trade, commodity finance, export finance, and project finance transactions, as well as corporate, sovereign and other loans.

Hope this helps.


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