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How to look sharp with franking machine labels?

Using professional franking machine labels on your business's parcels promotes a professional attitude toward customers and also speeds up mail procedures for your staff.

Franking machines work by printing specific information, approved by the Royal Mail onto your outgoing post. This includes the time, date and price of each item as well as variable information which you set, such as the company name, a logo, a personal message, return address or a targeted advertisement. On envelopes which fit through the machine, this is usually printed directly onto the envelope, however for larger packages which do not fit, a label is required.

Franking machine labels: what to look for

First of all, they’re not all the same. There is a confusingly large range on the market and these may greatly differ in quality and price. A reputable supplier should be able to send you samples so that you can check compatibility before you buy.

- Can be bought in packs or rolls. Rolls are for higher volume versions which have a very quick output whilst individual labels are fine when only sending out a few parcels a day.

- Usually for sale in bulks of 500 or 1000. The more you buy, the greater the savings.

- Ensure they are self adhesive.

- If you buy from the same company who supplied your franking machine you should qualify for customer discounts, so be sure to ask.

- Available in a range of sizes. A larger label will obviously provide more space for messages, adverts and logos.

- Make sure you are buying high quality paper. This should absorb the ink quickly and avoid unprofessional smudges and smears.

- Free and quick delivery is essential to ensure supplies to not run out.

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