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Franking machine cost advantages?

Question asked by Chuck

I’m thinking of investing in a franking machine. How much can I expect to save over the cost of using stamps?

response from John Englund

Depending on mailing volume, business franking customers can pay up to 40% less than businesses using stamps. In some cases, companies using franking machines can recover the VAT they pay for postage. Franking machines are available from the Royal Mail as well as Neopost, Pitney Bowes and some other suppliers. In order to understand just how much a franking machine can save your business you’ll need to calculate your postal volume and how you expect it to evolve over the near term. A high-capacity franking machine will be more expensive than a basic model but worth it if your mail volume is heavy. If on the other hand your mail volume is light then a basic model will suffice. The easiest place to start is to ask suppliers for quotes based on your particular needs and then compare them side by side to see which one best accommodates your need

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