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Best fuel card deal?

Question asked by Catherine

Which is a better deal on fuel cards, pump price or fixed price?

response from John Englund

With a pump price card you pay the same price as other drivers who don’t use a fuel card (i.e., the price listed on the pump that day). But these cards offer advantages like easy payment options and reduced administrative costs. Fixed price cards give you access to a fixed price which is determined weekly, based on the market price. Even if the pump price rises during the week you will continue to pay the fixed price set at the start of that week. So a “better deal” is relative and depends on factors such as price but also convenience and geographical considerations. EuroShell, Texaco Fastfuel Card, UK fuels, Diesel Direct and BP Plus all offer fixed price cards; Esso, BP and Shell offer pump price cards. To find the best deal for your business you should ask fuel card suppliers for quotes and compare their offers based on the factors that matter most to you.

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