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There are 2 ways to improve time and attendance recording for your business: staff planning and clock in systems. Clock in systems allow you to monitor the attendance of your staff for payroll and extra hours purposes as well as accrued security. In addition, your clock in systems can be linked to your payroll softwares, making it easier to calculate your employees' salaries.
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The Human Resources Department is a key part of any business.  
Its role is to identify skilled staff who are capable of meeting the need of the business.
But its responsibilities do not end there! We should remember that human resources are at the heart of business strategy.  
Once staff have been hired, they still need to be motivated, made to feel a part of the company and given the opportunity to progress. Managing staff, therefore, goes far beyond payroll and monitoring leave. It involves responding to internal issues while facilitating dialogue between management and employees.     

Human resources are, therefore, at the heart of a company's overall strategy. Many solutions are available to help HR staff with their work.  

  • The clocking in/out system:

To record attendance, we recommend installing a badge reader. It automatically records and processes information before sending it to payroll.  

  • Salary processing

To save time, this service can be outsourced. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a specific software or use a professional.

  • Reward and motivation support

Employee benefits are particularly profitable for a business. In addition to tax exemption, offering meal vouchers, holiday vouchers, gift cards or service vouchers shows that your company is concerned with the well-being of its employees. This makes your company more attractive and means it will be easier to retain talent.  

  • Training organisations.

It is important to offer training to employees so they can improve their skills and meet new targets. In return, the company will have a well-qualified, versatile workforce. Whether it is for IT training, learning a foreign language or first aid training, quickly find a service provider near you with Companeo!

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