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Phone system for new office space?

Question asked by Alfred

I’m moving my dentistry practice to a new address and will need a telephone system installed. The building is modern and equipped with all the technological amenities of modern life. What is the best sort of phone system that would allow me to take advantage of this opportunity?

response from John Englund

If your new premises are equipped with a broadband Internet connection then you should seriously consider adopting a VoIP phone system. The broadband will already provide your computer system with greater capacity to use external networks and it is also a necessary foundation for VoIP phone service. VoIP provides several features that will improve the efficiency of your service, including the capability to manage your patient database from your mobile phone, record calls, and even video conference with your patients. Several VoIP service providers are out there looking for customers like yourself; start out by asking them for price quotes based on your specific needs and you will find yourself with great offers to choose from.

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