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More information about Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Ltd

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    Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Ltd is the UK market leader in asset based lending. For over 40 years we have offered businesses the flexible finance that comes with Factoring & Invoice Discounting. Lloyds Commercial Finance currently provide funding to over 14,000 UK businesses of all sizes.

Activities Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance Ltd

Factoring improves business cash flow by releasing money against unpaid sales invoices. Lloyds Commercial Finance advance up to 90% of the invoice value within 24 hours after you raised the invoice. The remaining balance is made available when your customer settles the outstanding invoice. The service is especially suited to new starts, growing businesses and those with insufficient security to gain more traditional lending. Flexible credit management is built into the agreement with statements and reminder notices issued to reduce the administrative burden on the business. Assistance with telephone credit control can be provided if required.

Clients & References

Over 14,000 clients from startups to Multi Nationals.

Key figures

Creation date 1967

Staff 1000

Geographic area National coverage. Main Offices in Manchester, Banbury & Southampton. Regional offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth, Maidstone, Cambridge, Leeds & Birmingham.  Registered office in Banbury.