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A grant of £3.000 to upgrade your broadband connection

The government grants up to £3.000 in the form of a voucher for small businesses to boost their broadband connection in 50 countries across the UK.

A plan to help companies meet their challenges

As part of the government 'Super Connected Cities' plan, this grant aims at providing high-speed broadband to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). A fund of £150 million was unlocked to spread out this project. It originally started in 2013 with 22 cities and the government is hoping to cover 95% of UK businesses by 2017. Prime Minister David Cameron stated that he wants small businesses ‘to compete in the global race’ and Britain to have the best digital infrastructure in the world.

Broadband connection

Boost your activity with a high-speed connection

Here are a few examples of what a 30Mbps connection will enable you to do:

- Develop your activity and access new markets
- Improve your communication with your associates and your clients
- Increase your productivity with your online tools
- Browse the web more quickly and efficiently
- Store your data on a cloud so as to ensure a backup and prevent any loss of information

Visit the Broadband Speed checker website to get an estimation of your current broadband speed. If you are interested in upgrading your internet connection, you can apply here for a connection voucher.  


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