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Vehicle Tracking

Question asked by Ian Bemrose


If a company leases vehicles, both vans (with company logo) and cars for entitled individuals and only installs trackers on the vans, is this legal or should all vehicles be tracked. I feel this is discrimination against those that are only entitled to vans and feel that all vehicles should be tracked.

response from Dalila Boinay

Hi Ian,

Many people see vehicle tracking devices as a way of spying on their staff. However, vehicle tracking can often work for them. The most common example is when managers call their drivers to check why they haven't reached their destination yet. With a fleet management software, one click on the traffic information will show all the traffic problems.

For your information, employers who implement vehicle traking system on vehicles driven by employees should be aware that the use of data gathered by these systems are regulated by numerous pieces of legislation such Data Protection, Human rights and Employment Rights legislation.

Hope this helps.

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