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Improving my website?

Question asked by Philippe LEPRON

I have now an old website built in 2007. What do you suggest : scrap it to build a new one or renew this existing ? Thanks for your avice, John M

response from John Englund

Website design software has come a long way since 2007, so it's true that your site could benefit from an update. As to whether you should build on your existing site or "scrap it" and create a new one, that will depend on how productive your current site is. If it delivers most of what you need and you just want deeper capability, then you should be able to upgrade and get what you're missing. If your site was built on WordPress, Joomla or Drupal (all of which existed in 2007) you should have no trouble upgrading to the latest features. If on the other hand you're launching an entirely new Web strategy then you may want to create a brand new site. Website designers are everywhere, so the best way to figure out what's possible and how much it will cost is to compare few quotes for web development.

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