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Air conditioning: what are the new regulation for businesses?

A common component in air conditioning systems will soon become illegal, forcing UK businesses across all industries to begin making plans to modernise their AC systems.

R-22, a colourless hydrochlorofluorocarbon, is the most widely used refrigerant in the world. But a European Community (EC) Regulation classified it as an ozone-depleting substance in 2000 and began phasing it out.

The use of ‘’virgin’’ R-22 in air conditioning systems was outlawed in 2010, with recycled R-22 remaining legal for maintenance purposes. But on 1st January 2015, the use of recycled R-22 will also become illegal.  In anticipation of the total ban, many air conditioning manufacturers are already taking steps to reduce their costs by eliminating spares support for AC systems using R-22.

This seemingly arcane matter is of crucial importance for many UK companies; users of R-22 and other HCFC systems need to consider alternative refrigerants, or the purchase of new equipment.

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