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Why bother installing a professional air conditioning system for your business? Because a controlled workspace temperature will help both your people and your machines operate more efficiently. Choosing your system would be easy if all workspaces were the same. But unfortunately they’re not.

air conditioning systems

 Office buildings, hospitals, retail shops, industrial spaces and computer server rooms all require specifically adapted air conditioning solutions. What’s more, your heating and cooling system must comply with specific government regulations. So it’s best to seek out professional suppliers who can assess your space and propose and install an appropriate air conditioning system.

Types of air conditioning systems and units

You don’t need to become a climate control expert to choose the right air conditioning system for your business. But a little background information never hurts:

  • Window air conditioning systems are the cheapest, most common type. Appropriate for a single room, they’re reliable, easy to install, and don’t require any construction costs.
  • Split air conditioning systems are “split” into two parts, with an outdoor unit housing the system’s compressor, condenser and expansion valve and an indoor unit containing the cooling coil and fan. Split air conditioning units can cool one or two rooms.
  • Central air conditioning systems are appropriate for hotels, airports, shopping malls and other large spaces. Refrigerant is pumped from an outdoor condenser coil to an indoor cooling coil, and cool air is distributed to multiple rooms through a system of ducts.
  • Packaged air conditioning systems are split systems in which the indoor and outdoor components are housed together in a package, with cool air distributed through ducts similar to central air systems. They are commonly used by restaurants and small office buildings.

The configuration of your premises will dictate the type of air con units you need to install. Your supplier will usually perform a full assessment of your space and propose the most adapted system.