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Business Alarm Systems: The basics of business alarm systems

Reading time: 3 mins

A business security system may take many forms and will generally come down to a compromise between budget resources and desired level of protection. A business alarm system serves primarily as a deterrent, but if a crime should occur it is the best tool for alerting the authorities quickly.

business alarm system

What’s in a business alarm system?

Business alarm systems are either wired or wireless. A wired alarm system comprises electric sensors connected to a control panel via low-voltage wiring. Such a professional alarm system is usually installed during refurbishment or building work when it is most suitable to lay the wiring. A wireless alarm system connects battery powered sensors around the property to a control panel via radio waves. Whilst these are much easier and less disruptive to install, the batteries must be checked and changed to ensure continuous protection.

Sensor systems are the key

Choosing the right sensor systems for your set up is vital, as they will detect the unauthorised presence and trigger the alarm which alerts the monitoring agency or law enforcement authorities. Contact sensors are the most common for protecting doors, windows and other possible entry points. If a door is opened whilst the alarm is set, the sensor is automatically activated. These are often combined with glass breakage detectors which are triggered by the high frequency emitted when glass shatters. Motion sensors can also be set up throughout the property using infrared and microwave technology to detect when a person is moving within its field. A combination of these components is recommended for your business alarm system.

Business alarm benefits

No matter what the size of your business or the industry you trade in, installing a business alarm will yield benefits from safety improvements to employee welfare and lower insurance costs:

  • Alarms are proven to deter criminals and prevent burglaries from taking place.
  • When installed in conjunction with the right locks on access points and other business security devices such as CCTV, they provide comprehensive cover for your business and peace of mind for you and your employees.
  • Many alarm systems for business are directly linked to a 24-hour alarm receiving centre that monitors your business security system. Should the worst happen, an instant response can be deployed, contacting key holders, the police and other emergency responders.
  • Commercial premises with alarm systems are proven to suffer fewer break-ins and loss of property than those not protected. These savings are passed on back to the insurance policy holder, meaning contents, public liability and property insurance premiums will undergo a significant reduction. In addition, having the right commercial alarm systems in place, approved by industry bodies such as the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB) ensure that any insurance claims you do have to make will be paid.
  • Business alarms are a valuable asset as well as an extremely cost effective security measure.
  • Professional alarm systems keep employees safe whilst working and ensure customer security whilst on site.
  • Installing door alarms in certain internal business rooms, such as server rooms, computer rooms or storage cupboards, act as a barrier to internal theft and prevent unauthorised access.