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Business banking – Buying guide

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Business bank account solutions adapted to your company size: from start-ups to companies with over £10 million turnover, get the best business banking value available in the UK and benefit from special offers.

Business banking is what banking was created for. For centuries, banks have made the most of their business and wealth by working with businesses, much more than by working with individual customers. Many financial products were invented just to cater for specific business needs.

On the other hand, businesses rely on business banking to fuel their growth, produce goods and services, and make profits in order to hire more people, sell more goods and services, and keep expanding. However, it seems that it has never been so difficult for businesses to have access to business banking products. Maybe they just haven’t spotted the right product. Maybe they just don’t understand business finance well enough. This guide is here to help business owners to find their way and ask the right questions.

Business banking through business loans and other types of business finance

The two main families of financial facilities are secured and unsecured business loans. But other ways to finance your operations such as buying equipment are available.

Secured business loans - the most common business banking product

These loans are the most common loans. Also called asset-based loans, they provide funds to businesses against the pledging of business assets used as securities. How do they work?

Unsecured business loans

Unsecured business loans do not require business assets to be used as collateral - who are they good for? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Equipment leasing

Equipment leasing is another smart way for businesses to finance their operations, as long as equipment use in order to manufacture goods or create services are concerned. Banks are usually involved through subsidiaries, but not always. How does leasing work?

How to get the best business banking rates

In order to get the best rates possible, businesses must do some work.

Evaluating the borrowing base

Correctly evaluating the borrowing base of a business is the best way to determine how much a business can borrow, and at what predictable cost. A borrowing base certificate will need to be used. How to calculate the borrowing base?

Applying for a business loan - the smart way

Applying for a business loan is often seen as an extremely harrowing process. Business representatives should design a clear strategy to get ready to negotiate the best terms - what can be advised?