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Commercial cleaning: Cleaning services prices: tips to reduce your budget

Reading time: 2 mins

The cost of commercial cleaning is an important budget item for companies. To reduce costs while keeping hygiene to standards, there are a few tips to put into practice!

Cleaning rate: how to reduce the invoice?

As companies are facing difficult times, cleaning services prices are the subject of much attention. While healthy and clean premises enhance the company's image, they also reflect a concern for hygiene and a certain form of consideration towards employees, customers and service providers.

Hygiene is a serious issue that has a significant cost. To define an appropriate price for the cleaning services, you can act on different levers....

Put suppliers in competition with each other

On the market, there are many providers, so competition can play in your favour to lower the prices of your current provider. When the service is poorly performed or does not meet the missions requested in the contract, you can negotiate the cleaning prices. To effectively perform your negociation, do not hesitate to take the necessary time to analyse the service currently provided by assessing its quality:

  • Are all invoiced tasks actually carried out?
  • Are the floors simply washed or do they require other treatments as mentioned in the specifications (waxing, anti-static treatment, stripping, etc.)?
  • Is the maintenance of the windows meticulous and does it preserve their durability (drying the joints with a cloth after washing the windows...)?

If you can't find anything wrong with the service, you can still ask other suppliers for quotes . This way, you can renegotiate your cleaning prices or change service providers.

Define precisely the specifications

Be precise by indicating what is essential (your expectations in terms of hygiene, reporting of the service...) while taking into account:

  • the m² of surface area to be cleaned,
  • the number of employees,
  • the type of surface to clean (toilets, passageways, offices, etc.).

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The layout of your premises, the choice of materials and equipment

The time dedicated to commercial cleaning depends on the configuration of the premises. The choice of layouts and materials can reduce or increase the cleaning rate of cleaning service providers. For example, offices arranged in open space rather than closed spaces make it possible to reduce the movements of maintenance staff....

The same is true for materials, we know that some floors such as vinyl or PVC are easier to clean than carpets (embedded dust, stains, etc...) or parquet floors that require careful maintenance. There are also textile floors treated against stains and humidity.

Some essential cleaning steps such as window cleaning are often expensive. To limit the cost, it is recommended to install a dual flow ventilation system to reduce dust in the air and therefore on the windows.

Involve your company's staff!

Some speeches can make your employees aware of hygiene within the company. The maintenance of equipment (microwave, coffee machine, lunch area) also depends on the attitude of the employees. It is simply common sense to involve them in the maintenance of their work environment.