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Commercial cleaning: Cleaning services rates and quotes for businesses

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You have decided to use a cleaning company for your premises but you don't know how much it will cost you? You have already identified a service provider that may suits your needs but you want to have all the information on hand to understand his quote and negotiate, if necessary, its services? The price of a cleaning service is of course determined by the nature of the service but not only...

Rates for cleaning companies according to the type of service

The prices of cleaning companies obviously depend on the type of services expected.

Office cleaningBetween £20 and £30
Hospital cleaningBetween £20 and £45
Building cleaningBetween £20 and £30
Cleaning of green spacesBetween £20 and £30
Cleaning of retail shopsBetween £20 and £30
Cleaning of glass surfacesBetween £20 and £45

Indicative table of hourly rates charged by cleaning companies

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Elements taken into account to determine a cleaning quote

In addition to the average hourly rate indicated above, there are other elements that will have an impact on the overall price of a cleaning service. Thus, when reading the estimate, it will be necessary to take into consideration the human resources and equipment necessary to carry out the cleaning service.

The human resources needed

The number of people hired for the mission, the level of specific skills required, the time slots that can be requested (night work...) are criteria that will influence the cleaning rate:

  • Working time: number of hours per day, per week or per month,
  • Level of skills and training, specialization if necessary (hospitals, agri-food...),
  • Duration of the cleaning mission…

In addition, you should be aware that occasional assignments will be more expensive than an annualized contract.

The material resources available

Depending on the type of cleaning, the cleaning service provider will use specific equipments such as:

  • Cleaning trolley,
  • Single-disc machine,
  • Scrubber-drier,
  • Biocleaning products,
  • Maintenance products,
  • Steam engines...

The equipment is often very expensive to buy. It is recommended to use an external service provider to reduce your budget.

Site specific characteristics

Cleaning companies may charge higher rates if the specific nature of the premises requires special skills (hospital environment for example), special risk management (e.g. biocleaning) or compliance with the standards and procedures relating to the customer's business.

So, do not hesitate to request several quotes from different cleaning companies, as the price offer can widely differ from one service provider to another.

To determine the price of a cleaning service and to better understand your cleaning quotes, consider the following elements:

•  The surface area of your premises,

•  The frequency of cleaning,

•  The surfaces to be treated,

•  The ancillary service you want,

•  The hygiene and safety standards to be met.

Having a precise idea of the answers to the above elements will help you to better quantify the amount of work required, and to better compare the quotes you will receive.