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What are the benefits of employee time management systems?

Linking an employee time and attendance sytem with your human resources  system can improve payroll accuracy.

One of the most useful advantages of using a computerised employee time management  system is the direct link between the collection of employee data and payroll. The information gathered on employees working hours is guaranteed accurate and can be automatically used to calculate wage payments.

If any disputes surrounding pay are raised, the information from the clocking in machines will have been stored and employees can see an accurate chart of how many hours they worked, any overtime and any lateness or absences. This also ensures employees are always paid for the hours worked and removes administrative error.

There are a number of clocking in machines on the market, so finding the right type to suit your employee time management needs and budget should be easy:

- Swipe cards. These can be used at various points around your premises and to record attendance data on a central computer system.- Fingertip and other biometric clocking machines work in the same way and ensure that employees can only clock themselves in and out.- Clocking machines which use new app technology on smart phones. This ensures that if employees are not working on site, they can still record their attendance.- A time and attendance system which is connected to a log in on employee computers.- Portable clocking in machines can be used where a company moves employees around for short periods of time to other sites, such as building contractors or staff on training courses.- Clocking machines which combine the attendance data with a door access system.

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