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Employee time management: Researching clocking in cards

Reading time: 1 mins

Choosing an appropriate time and attendance system for your business requires careful research to ensure your money is well spent. A proper clocking in card is an essential part of your time and attendance management solution, and is therefore a great place to start.

employee time management

The use of clocking in cards by employees to record when they start and finish work is a fast and reliable method of storing employee attendance information. Employees are issued a clock in card which is inserted into a reader to clock in and out. These can be manual, with time information stamped onto a paper card, or an electronic swipe card.

There are many different types of card design, which can store information weekly or monthly, and have space for overtime and breaks as needed. Some clocking in cards will, in addition, add up hours worked over the day, week or month. This can save considerable time when calculating payroll and minimise human error.

Key features of clocking in card system

  • Quick processing speed
  • Visible clock display on card reader
  • Automatic feeding and ejection of cards into the reader
  • Automatic updates with seasonal time changes
  • Automatic month-end and leap-year adjustments
  • Battery backup facility that prevents data loss
  • Prints lateness or early leaving time in red to make it easily identifiable
  • Audible output options to easily identify successful usage
  • Numerous clocking in and out sections per day for each employee, allowing for lunch breaks
  • Programmable memory to store company working hour information
  • Easy and cheap purchase of stationary, blank and replacement
  • Full automation of clocking in and out
  • Ability to select different formats of recording times and dates
  • Tamper proof casing of reader
  • A warranty on parts and labour