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Rental or purchase of a payment terminal

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Convinced of the advantages of points of sale and want to equip your business with this electronic payment system? Looking to change your POS and can't decide whether to buy and rent? You will need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. 

Buying an electronic point of sale (EPOS)

Buying an electronic point of sale is a real investment. Here are some figures:

The average price of an electronic point of sale varies between 400 and 700 euros, excluding VAT.

If you decide to purchase a point of sale, taking out a maintenance contract is highly recommended. This will cost between 120 and 200 euros per year. In the event of problems, a technician is sent out to resolve them, which may involve reviewing the machine's configuration.

If the point of sale breaks down, it may be temporarily replaced if this has been agreed upon in your contract.

Renting EPOS

EPOS rental features:

Renting an electronic point of sale involves signing a contract that requires you to request bank authorisation if you exceed the maximum number of transactions.

EPOS maintenance is not mandatory but may be included in the contract.

The cost of renting an electronic point of sale varies greatly. It mainly depends on the number of transactions carried out and the authentication service. You will have to pay around 12 to 30 euros per month, not including VAT. For a more accurate idea of the costs involved, get several quotes from specialist service providers.

Renting allows you to change your EPOS mid-contract, for example, if you wish to comply with new security guarantees.

Renting or buying a point of sale – where to go?

Your financial institution can provide you with a POS to buy or rent but you can also contact an e- payment specialist.

For both renting and buying, you must take out an e-payment acceptance contract with your bank. This sets:

the amount of the commission charged by the bank on transactions, if applicable,

the maximum transaction amount, the threshold above which authorisation must be requested

What you need to know

Before installing your electronic point of sale, you should make sure you have:

A box or Internet access

The necessary cables (e.g., an ethernet cable)

Installing and updating points of sale are often services provided by your bank, which sends out an installation technician. Banks and telephone operators also offer support services for installing POS.