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Compare card machine rental options

If your business needs a card payment processing system for only a limited period of time – for a trade show or for the end of the year holiday season, for example – you may want to consider renting a credit card machine. Rental options apply to both fixed and mobile card terminals.

card machine rental

Card machine rental options

  • Card machine rental contracts may vary from a few days to a few months or even 36 months or longer
  • It’s possible to source your card payment machine separately from your merchant account, but you might find it simpler to just take a terminal from your merchant service provider
  • Renting hosted chip and PIN solutions is increasingly popular, especially for small businesses and start-ups that don’t want to invest in hardware. In this case your credit card transactions are logged automatically onto the host server.
  • Refurbished credit card machines are also available to rent, and they tend to be less expensive. Make sure your contract includes quick service or replacement in case of breakdown.

Before hiring your credit card reader, you’ll need to ensure that your card terminal provider can also supply your business with:

  • Till paper rolls and inkjets for the card terminal printer
  • Equipment and software upgrades when necessary
  • Easy installation or technical support for installation, including SIM card
  • PDQ machines that are compatible with your business mobile handset and network
  • Reliable support and maintenance

Bear in mind that you will need to pay a deposit for your rented card terminal, though some offers may forego set-up fees. Short-term card machine rentals are available from around £25 per day, but remember to budget for a returnable deposit and other charges such as postage or set-up.

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