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Can I make international calls with VoIP?


VoIP international calls are possible to any place in the world where a fast internet connection is available, and if these calls are legal where both correspondents are located. Indeed, and as odd as it may seem, there is a handful of countries where this is not the case.


VoIP is known for allowing extremely cheap international calls as compared with traditional, plain old telephone system costs associated with such calls. Since the calls are routed over the internet, data exchange is very cheap, sometimes completely free as far as network calls made with an end-to-end solution such as Skype or Google Voice are used by both correspondents.

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VoIP international call rates to traditional lines will depend on interconnection rates levied by the carrier. VoIP international call providers may then propose packages with a certain amount of call minutes at a discounted price to their users. Users should look into these rates in detail as they may differ considerably from one country to another, even if these countries are geographically close, depending on national and carrier policies, but also on the development of phone networks.


VoIP international calls are not only cheaper, they often have a better quality than calls made over traditional landlines, as in some developing countries, newer technologies have been adopted faster and better than older ones.


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