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How to make or receive a call with VoIP?

Making or receiving calls with VoIP is extremely easy. There are in fact no specific manipulations or setting up required, but operations will be different whether a simple home system, an IP PBX system, or a more complex system is used.


As long as home systems are concerned, making or receiving a call with VoIP could not be more simple: sometimes users don’t even need a modem, they just need to plug their VoIP phone into the socket and use it just like any regular, traditional phone.

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Things get a bit more complicated when private branch exchange systems are used, but VoIP has nothing to do with it.

-Making or receiving a call with VoIP in such environments will usually require hitting a dedicated key on the telephone set. Making a call within the enterprise network will be made more simple as most users can be directly called by using the directory saved in the phone set’s memory, or by hitting a dedicated hotkey.

- Making a call outside the enterprise network may require dialling a certain digit before the phone number itself.


Finally, making or receiving a call with VoIP is a totally different experience when softphones are used: in this case, a computer program is used and it will all depend on clicking “make call” or “accept call”!


Regardless of what type of system is used, some subtle differences as to how the phone is used do remain among telephone set manufacturers and VoIP providers, so the procedure for making and receiving a call with VoIP may differ slightly.


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