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How much does a phone system cost?

Phone system costs may vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Besides the usual considerations related to the quality and price of each part of the necessary equipment, the major issue in order to evaluate even very broadly phone system costs is to know what type of system is being considered.


If an on premise system is considered, phone system costs will include the costs of any single piece of hardware needed - PBX central, gateway, server, lines, phones...- plus installation and maintenance costs when a professional is required. Equipment can be either purchased, leased or rented.


If a hosted system is considered, phone system costs will consist of a flat monthly fee, plus usage-based extras if the agreed quota of communication minutes has been overspent.

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One other important preliminary question is to know whether prospective buyers will keep their existing phones or prefer switching to VoIP phones. The former option is still possible even for an IP PBX system, but adapters will then have to be used.


All this being said, some rough estimates can be disclosed:

- Typical, minimal on premise PBX systems may cost upwards of £4,000;

- Hosted system plans may be as cheap as £20 per month, with or without setup fees.


But beyond all these considerations, it is important to know that many providers propose free trials for the equipment.

And before thinking about phone system costs, prospective buyers should not forget to think about the savings associated with modern PBX phone systems, especially IP PBX.


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