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How much does VoIP cost?

Among its other benefits, VoIP is usually associated with much cheaper communications. So much in fact, that some prospective users wonder if VoIP costs are really as low as they are advertised to be. Indeed, various marketing messages mention monthly savings of up to 90% every month compared with traditional phone service costs.


Free calls are in fact really possible between users of the same service, like Skype, or other smartphone apps like whatsapp, line, BBM, etc. These calls are called “network calls”, and when users stick to them, VoIP costs nought. But calls to the plain old telephone system are never free as phone companies charge VoIP operators for internet connection. The fact that Google Voice allows free calls to any US or Canadian number called from within North America is an exception which costs Google millions of dollars per year.

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VoIP costs for a hosted PBX solution can be as low as £20 a month for a basic package including or not including a minimal amount of minutes, with extra minutes costing just a few pence each. Residential plans start at £10. There are no costs of maintenance and repair, and there is nothing to install, not even software as the required programs are most of the time cloud-based!


As discussed elsewhere in this guide, VoIP costs are higher when an on premise IP PBX system is installed, as many equipments are necessary.


Usually, providers will base their monthly fees on the number of lines needed, that is, the number of phones or devices connected to the service for a single subscriber.


Prospective users should remember that the most important component of VoIP costs is in fact... the price for a reliable, secure and fast internet connection!


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