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What is an IP BX system?

Simply speaking, an IP BX or IP PBX system is a PBX system capable of using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunication features. Technically, this private branch exchange telephone switching system can switch calls between VoIP users on local lines and at the same time allow all users to share various external phone lines. IP BX may also connect calls between a VoIP user and POTS (plain old telephone system) user, or between two POTS users.


In fact, while a conventional PBX system require separate networks voice and data communications, IP BX use converged data and voice networks. Therefore, internet access, VoIP communications and POTS telephone communications, can be achieved using a single line to each user.

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This involves many benefits:

- IP BX systems are easier to install and set up than PBX systems,

- As they run on software, these systems are more scalable,

- They are also easier to operate because of they use graphical, web-based configuration interfaces,

- They allow significant savings, especially for long distance and international calls,

- They cut the need for phone wiring, as IP phones are connected through standard computer network ports (which it can share with the adjacent computer),

- They are based on the open SIP standard, allowing costless extension and developments, without the need to stick to proprietary technologies and hardware such as PSTN gateways and IP phones,

- As they are computer-based, IP BX allow the integration of business applications like CRM or e-mail clients,

-They allow such advanced features as hot desking and roaming.


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