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Who takes care of the installation of a VOIP network?

You can install your VOIP network yourself.

In order to do this, find the modem and telephone handsets provided by the telecommunications service provider. Then you just have to connect the handsets to the modem, and the modem to the Internet network.

Basic required electrical wiring can be located next to that provided for the Internet network as long as each cable is correctly insulated, sheathed, and that a minimum distance of 30 cm between each cable is observed.

Obviously, if your installation project involves a particular problem, if you’re dealing with a large organisation or if you simply do not want to take care of the installation of the VOIP network yourself, your service provider can manage it entirely. 

Some may charge this intervention (the price then depends on the type of equipment chosen, the number of lines to be connected, the subscription package, etc.) while others make it available free of charge as part of their professional VOIP service packages.

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