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How much does a business phone and internet contract cost?

The cost of a business phone and internet contract may vary greatly depending on the telecom provider, but also on a number of options.


One first key option to determine the cost of a business phone and internet contract is internet connection speed. Depending on the technology used - ADSL, VDSL, Fibre... - download speeds can be anything between 8Mbps and 100Mbps. Upload speed will also vary accordingly.

There can also be a capping on bandwidth usage. Some plans are unlimited, some have a capping at a few dozen gigabytes per month.


Business phone costs also depend on phone service options: does the plan include free calls to the UK? Landlines and mobile lines?

One other key factor to decide the cost of a business phone and internet contract is to know whether users require a leased line for their own use. This significantly drives performance and prices up.

Finally, business phone costs will be driven by the number of users and usage volume as long as cloud-based plans are concerned.

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Installation costs are also almost inevitably part of the product pricing. These costs may be higher or lower depending on whether a new line has to be installed, or if an existing line can be taken over.


That being said, the following prices can be given as a very broad reference:

- Entry-level plans start at about £13 per month for the service + £15 for the line rental.

- Unlimited calls add about £10 per month to the bill

- Fibre internet another £5 to £10;

- A leased line costs at least £150 per month.

- Installation fees cost between £30 to £120.


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