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It is nearly inconceivable to think of conducting a modern life without a mobile phone. Part telephone, part computer, part organizer, part everything else – your mobile is a necessary personal tool and an absolutely essential business tool. If your customers, suppliers and partners can’t reach you by voice, text or email just because you’re not at your desk, then you’re not a serious player.

So naturally the industry is booming, with top UK mobile phone providers bending over backwards to win your business. Their products get smaller, better, faster and cheaper every year, while their service plans grow longer and more comprehensive. It’s a great time to get a great deal on mobile phones for your company.

business mobile phone deal

Choosing your mobile phone deal

Basically there are three elements you need to focus on when choosing a business mobile deal: handsets, networks and operating systems. Typically two or even three of these elements are combined in a given offer, and you can’t change it (you won’t find an iPhone with an Android operating system, for example, or a BlackBerry that runs on iOS). Your choice of business mobile tariffs will also determine your cost and perhaps even the handset or network you use. Typical business mobile phone deals include monthly contracts of various lengths, Pay-As-You-Go agreements, or SIM-only deals.

Comparing offers is a necessary step when shopping for most business services, but when it comes to mobile phone deals it is practically the whole ballgame. The present business mobile phone guide provides some basic information about the UK’s leading providers of handsets, networks and operating systems, as well as tariff information. But it is only a start. To choose the best business mobile phone deal for your particular wants and needs, there is no substitute for getting competing quotes and comparing them side by side. You can start right away with the form at the top of this page; just tell us what you’re looking for and you’ll get no-obligation quotes from as many as four business mobile phone suppliers within 48 hours.

But first, sit down and make a list of the features and capabilities you’d like to have in your business mobile phones. Defining your needs up front will allow you to save time by quickly eliminating deals you don’t want. This will free you up to focus only on offers that interest you.