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What is fixed-mobile convergence?

Fixed-mobile convergence basically is the ability to seamlessly switch from a deskphone to a mobile, or vice-versa, or keep the same phone and switch data transmission type without interrupting an ongoing call.


This functionality is truly of great convenience. Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could just have one phone that worked everywhere, regardless where you are?


If you've ever missed a call, you know how unpleasant it is to drop your connection, so something in your phone has to keep track of which network you're connected to, which networks are at your disposal, and effortlessly switch between them. Fixed-mobile convergence enables you to do that. You can take a call to go like you do with your homemade mocha latte.


You can catch a call from your home, then go anywhere you want as long as there is still cell service without having to hang up or switch off your phones this is what Industry calls Voice-Call Continuity.

Fixed-mobile convergence allows you also to benefit from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP in industry-speak) services such as Skype, when you can connect to the Internet, not having to spend expensive mobile phone minutes.

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The coverage for your mobile would also be expanded by the possibility to use WiFi, in particular within buildings where it can be hard to obtain cell service. Thanks to fixed-mobile convergence, without losing your call, it is possible to call through the WiFi network of your office, then go outside and connect to your cellular system, then connect back up to WiFi network at the restaurant.


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