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Telecoms providers: Assessing business mobile phone providers

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Just a few short years ago all you asked of your business mobile phone was a reasonably clear signal and a decent battery life. But today mobile handsets are as indispensable as personal computers – some would say even more so. Choosing the right business mobile phone provider is therefore crucial.

business mobile phones

Major UK mobile phone providers

The major UK mobile phone providers are well-known names, and you’ll find a wealth of comparisons and reviews on the Internet. What’s important for business customers is that they offer increasingly sophisticated phones and a broad range of handsets.

  • iPhone: was originally released as a consumer product, the iPhone has rapidly become a go-to choice for business mobile phone users. It offers a user-friendly interface, high-level security and thousands of business productivity apps.
  • BlackBerry: despite recent troubles, BlackBerry is still one of the top mobile phone providers, especially for business solutions. It features QWERTY keyboards, free instant messaging, specialist email functions, superior battery life and sleek, robust design.
  • Samsung: provide affordable, professional-looking mobile phones with the very latest in screen technology. Stylish as well as sensible.
  • Nokia: provide a comprehensive, constantly updated range of phones that are reliable, user friendly, customisable and easy to sync across Microsoft Office software applications.
  • HTC: manufacture a huge range of Android and Windows-based smartphones and still offer a real alternative to a market dominated by iPhone, Samsung and BlackBerry. Affordable, intuitive, high-quality products that get the job done.

Business Handsets




iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5.

Quick, intuitive, user-friendly interface. Attractive, professional design. Great range of easily downloadable apps (many come as standard, such as maps and calendars).

iPhone handsets have a fixed battery and fairly short battery life, meaning having a charger on hand is essential. High mobile phone price and expensive to repair. Multitasking capability is limited.


Z10, Curve, Bold, Torch

Long battery life, free instant messenger, powerful operating system, removable battery, QWERTY keyboard and excellent multitasking capabilities. Perfect for busy business users.

Screen size is quite small, especially for a business mobile phone where you need to read long emails and documents. The tracker-ball system on some models is hard to use and there have been reliability issues.


Galaxy S, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Samsung E range

Fast Web browsing, reliable operating system and software. Innovative features include Near Field Communication technology, voice recognition, screen quality and backlight for optimal reading capabilities.

Some applications are difficult to use and the phones are very large, which whilst this is great for Internet browsing, makes Samsung phones harder to carry around. As with many smartphones, limited battery life is sometimes a problem.


Lumia, N range, Asha

Easy-to-use menus and predictable interface across all models. Reliable, generally superior battery life and excellent compatibility.

Product range is expensive, handsets can be bulky and heavy, fewer features than many rivals.


Desire, Windows Phone, HTC One

Sleek handsets, good design for business phones. Affordable range.

May lack storage and features.

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