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Which vending machine supplier should I choose?

Vending machines are everywhere: in transportation hubs, in cinema theatres, in shopping centres... and at the office! 

These machines improve well being at work as they help you rehydrate or feed yourself without having to go to the nearest shop. Many conversations take place near these vending machines, which builds team cohesion, and recharges the “batteries” of your staff, all during a brief – but tasty – break.

There are many types of vending machines, which cater for everyone’s tastes. While the most widespread machines are hot drink vending machines (serving coffee or tea) and cold drink vending machines (water, sodas, juices), (sweet or savoury-) snack distributing machines should not be forgotten. The latter may now provide more and more healthy fresh products, thereby limiting the risks related to excessive consumption of fat or sweet products.  

In order to choose the right provider, the first thing to do is to evaluate your needs:

  • What type of machine do you want to install? You may for example choose a drink vending machine or a more advanced multi-product dispensing machine, combining cold drinks and snacks.
  • How many machines do you want to install? The number of machines depends on the number of staff in your organisation, but also on the number of visitors and on office space configuration. It’s more pleasant to have a machine on one’s floor rather than to have to walk up two floors in order to access it. 
  • Do you prefer self-management or full-service plans? The first option allows you to decide what products will be available from the machine and to raise profits from the vending machine operations, the second one removes the burden of day-to-day management of the machine, as everything is taken care of by the vending machine provider.

Once these needs have been identified, it’s time to choose your vending machine provider. To make operations easier, it’s better to rely on a supplier located near your workplace. This makes maintenance, replenishments, but also repairs easier when there’s a problem. It may also make delivery fees cheaper. 

The contract issued by the provider must be carefully reviewed, as terms and conditions may differ from one provider to another. Some key points require special attention, like maintenance terms, repair terms, minimum sales requirement and products supplied. 

That’s why it can be interesting to compare contracts and providers and get a contract which best meets your needs, at the best price. To compare several contracts, you’ll have to request quotes from many providers. Companeo makes this process easier: just submit our vending machine quote request form, for free, and start receiving proposals matching your needs!

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